Honda Confirms 2013 Acura RL will Feature NSX Technology

| March 27, 2012 at 12:43 pm
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Honda Confirms 2013 Acura RL will Feature NSX Technology

Honda had revealed the NSX concept of Acura’s new super car at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The NSX concept was a preview of the much awaited successor to the NSX super car. The original NSX was powered by a V6 engine while the NSX concept featured a new hybrid drivetrain. Honda recently confirmed that the same hybrid system will be used in the next Acura RL sedan. A concept version of the next-generation Acura will be revealed at the 2012 New York Auto Show to be held next week.

The new Acura RL will be offered to customers as two different versions: a regular V6 model and a gasoline-electric hybrid model packed with a detuned version of the advanced drivetrain. In the RL drivetrain, the gasoline V6 and integrated electric motor component will be mounted up front and power the front axle. In the NSX, the gasoline V6 and electric motor will be mounted in a mid-engine position and power the rear axle. The preview of the new hybrid drivetrain was given at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show where it was announced that it would be incorporated in the next-generation NSX. The president of Honda Takanobu Ito said, “The technology has outstanding handling,” Ito said. “The thought behind the NSX and RL systems is the same, but the NSX‘s the sports car will be more focused.”

The new hybrid drivetrain is expected to boost the brand’s technological credentials. The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system (Super Handling- All Wheel Drive) in the NSX consists of a powerful V6 engine with direct injection which works with a dual clutch transmission with built-in electric motor to create super car acceleration and outstanding efficiency. This is used when the driving mode is in hybrid mode consisting of both electric and gas power. Acura may implement nine-speed automatic as an alternative to its existing automatic, CVT and dual-clutch units by 2014.

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