Nissan NSC-2015, the Car That Has a Mind of Its Own! Drives and Parks All By Itself

| October 8, 2012 at 5:46 pm
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Nissan NSC-2015, the Car That Has a Mind of Its Own! Drives and Parks All By Itself

At the Ceatec 2012 show in Tokyo, we saw the launch of the NSC-2015, which is a modified version of Nissan’s Leaf model. At a first look, you may not find anything particularly extraordinary about the car, but on closer look, you will get to know that this is anything but an ordinary car. This brand new baby from Nissan does not need a driver to drive it! It has the capacity to not only drive itself, but park the car too. This prototype electric car is a highly-modified ver­sion of the Nis­san Leaf con­nected to cloud com­put­ing ser­vices.

The car’s technology encompasses on-board sensors and cameras, several computers and a connection to the cloud. Well, it practically works this way, once you land up at the entrance to a parking lot; you have to simply hop out and hit the ‘park’ button on its accompanying smartphone app. The car then drives off, finds a free space and parks itself – perfectly. When you return, you ‘call’ your car and wait for it to arrive. During the presentation, a Nissan representative practically explained the concept too; on his clicking a few buttons, the drove by itself towards him.

The NSC-2015 was capable to recognize road markings, be controlled remotely using an app by a person based outside the vehicle, it could also sense a dangerous situation, and send a warn­ing mes­sage to the smart­phone offer­ing a real-time movie, when a stranger is tampering with the car, for instance. The NSC-2015 communicates with its owner through LTE connectivity, through which the owner can receive a 360-degree live video of the car streamed to the phone, he can also set of the car alarm through his phone itself. The car senses road markings to keep it driving along its path, and it even stops at pedestrian crossings. The Nissan NSC-2015 may not be hitting the streets in near future; nevertheless Nissan does hope to make the technology commercially available by 2015.

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