Top 5 – In-Dash Navigation Systems

Pioneer AVIC-Z1

The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 in-dash navigation system has a 7 inch display screen and very much loaded with all the features. It has got a range of audiovisual play back options, Bluetooth cell phone integration and a voice activated GPS navigation system. A storage space of 30GB is provided and, it allows users to rip CDs into drive and create a very own media library. The voice recognition capacity is very good.



PRICE: Pioneer AVIC Z2 – Navigation system with DVD player, LCD monitor, digital player and radio

THE GOOD: It has a decent voice recognition system and a user friendly touch screen interface. The integrated Bluetooth is very helpful, and this makes the AVIC-Z1 a first choice for many buyers.

THE BAD: Every time the navigation has to be programmed, the parking brake has to be engaged. Sometimes it takes a little time for the music play back and is very annoying.

SUMMARY: The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 is an all in one package incorporating most of the technologies. It is a competitively priced package. The only disadvantage is the few usage glitches. The price range is $950. It has got an average user rating of four stars out of five.

Strada CN-NVD905U

Strada CN-NVD905U is Panasonic’s first venture into the U.S. market for in-dash navigation systems. It features a bright 7 inch display with a touch screen interface and shows maps and movies. A 30GB-hard drive is available for storage, and it does very fast route calculation times. The faceplate is very simple and stylish. Once en route it gives voice guidelines for turns well in advance.


Strada CN-NVD905U

PRICE: Panasonic CN-NVD905U Strada In-Dash Mobile Navigation System with 7-Inch Widescreen Color LCD Monitor/DVD Receiver

THE GOOD: The Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U is very user friendly with a great touch screen interface. It has a very fast navigation system and provides a quality video playback.

THE BAD: The navigation system has no text to voice technology. Even though it has a built in hard drive, it cannot rip music files into the memory.

SUMMARY: The CN-NVD905U is a decent navigation system. It provides good media playback and GPS navigation. It has got an easy to use appeal and a bright display. However, it provides less features for the money you pay for it. Its price ranges from $599-$932. The average user rating is 3 and half stars out of five.

Eclipse AVN5510

The Eclipse AVN5510 has a striking faceplate and is far less confusing than the previous models. It has got a 7 inch LCD screen. All the controls are made using soft buttons. The navigation function has a split screen mode. When the parking brake is enabled, it can be used to play DVD movies.



PRICE: Eclipse AVN5510 In-dash DVD/CD receiver with DVD navigation

THE GOOD: It has got good navigation system with a user-friendly interface. The video playback quality is great.

THE BAD: It offers no support for DVD Audio or XM Satellite Radio. The touch screen programming is a bit goofy.

SUMMARY: The Eclipse AVN1500 has very good audio and video customization. The navigation system is excellent, and it is an excellent package for people who can live without real-time traffic. It has an average user rating of four stars out of five.

Kenwood DNX7100

The Kenwood DNX7100 is an all in one GPS navigation system. It has got a 7 inch display. IT comes with a built in hard drive. The wide range of supported audio and video playback provides full satisfaction to the users. The menu structure is poorly designed.



PRICE: Kenwood DNX7120 – Navigation system with DVD player, LCD monitor, digital player and radio

THE GOOD: It can support a wide range of media formats. The navigation systems are excellent, and the video quality is very crisp. It has also got USB capability which is a blessing in disguise.

THE BAD: The source menu as well as the media interface is not at all user friendly.

SUMMARY: The touch screen interface is one of the most user friendly available in the market, however the media interface is very poor. IT has got a lightning quick processor and the video and audio playback is very good.


The JVC KD-NX 500 is an all in one navigation and an entertainment system a driver could wish for in a car. IT has got a whooping 40GB hard drive for storage and a 3.5 inch LCD screen. The navigation capability is somewhat limited, but the median and audio capabilities are impressive.



PRICE: JVC KW-NX5000 Vehicle Multimedia Receiver w/ 3.5

THE GOOD: It has got a wide range of audio and video capabilities. The navigation system is good.

THE BAD: The menus are very complex and the size is irregular which makes the product less desired.

SUMMARY: IT has got a lot of connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Satellite Radio and hands free calling. The only down side is the irregular size, complex menus and rough navigation maps. It comes within a price range of $649-$922. The average user rating is four and half stars out of five

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