2014 Toyota Corolla to Make Its Debut at the Los Angeles Show

| April 2, 2013 at 1:53 pm
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2014 Toyota Corolla to Make Its Debut at the Los Angeles Show

Toyota has made an announcement regarding the 2014 Corolla sedan and it says that the new corolla sedan will be revealed before the Los Angeles Auto Show which is scheduled to take place on November 22. The 2014 Corolla was previewed by the Japanese automaker back at the Detroit Auto Show in January through the Furia concept car. On Wednesday, at a NADA/J.D. Power and Associates conference, it was the company senior executive who disclosed that the new corolla will be launched before the L.A. show. “Between New York and LA is a big span. Sometime a production introduction doesn’t fall into the auto show timeframe,” Mike Michels, a Japanese automaker spokesman, told.

This also means that that the car would most likely not reach at the SEMA show. As per a Toyota spokesman, the car might be on sale by that time. The concept furia which made its debut at Detroit Show featured a blacked-out front grille which connected the LED headlamps, large, angular and wide front bumper with a hexagonal form. Furia had a very aggressive feel to it and much different from Toyota designs, the face of the concept bestows it a meaner look. It also includes bulging fenders, apart from that the 19-inch alloy-wheels makes the car look bigger. The LED treatment spreads out on the rear along with a sporty diffuser and twin exhausts.

As far as the Toyota corolla engine is concerned 1.8-liter engine with 4-cylinder is expected to be featured in the new corolla along with a dash of better performance and fuel efficiency. Toyota sedan Corolla has always been popular in America as well as in several Middle Eastern countries. It has even served as a taxi for several years. But with its spanking new meaner looks and style, the 2014 Corolla might now be appealing to a larger audience certainly.

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