Audi to Employ Solar Powered Charging Stations

| December 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm
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The increasing efforts taken towards a greener environment are evidently seen in the technological sphere. Eco-conscious users who boast of their green vehicles producing zilch emissions don’t depend on fossil fuels that are hazardous to the environment. However, instant and greener access to the electrical energy used in these cars is also important. The solution definitely seems adopting solar energy, the greenest power source.

With several car makers adopting greener technologies, Audi is seeking to stay above the foray. Future Audi e-tron models will come equipped with batteries that are charged using electrical energy that comes directly from an advanced photovoltaic equipment at the plant site in Ingolstadt.

In an effort to generate a cleaner solution of solar energy, the automaker’s factories will have their roofs converted into power generators. They will be lined with photovoltaic solar cells which will transfer power to the main plant’s charging station. The installed photovoltaic system utilizes thin-layer modules that abide by strict environment protection and efficiency guidelines.

This new photovoltaic installation helps generate 460 MWh of electricity. Audi’s electric vehicles will use e-tron name and one may expect the R8 e-tron in 2012. The company’s electric vehicles will adorn the e-tron badge.

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