BMW M3 DTM Rolls Out For the First Time in Aschheim

| July 7, 2011 at 10:31 am

Pictures: BMW-m3-dtm-racer

BMW announced its comeback to the German Touring car series in October last year and has been busy preparing for the event. And surely, the automaker has made significant progress in its preparation, as the DTM racer has hit the track for the first time on Monday. The DTM racer rolled out on BMW’s own racing track at Aschheim Test Circuit, Germany.

BMW Motorsports Director, Jens Marquardt, attended this roll out along with some other employees from the motorsport division. The BMW M3 DTM was introduced to the BMW Group executives in Munich on Friday by Marquardt. The first version of the DTM will be displayed to the media on July 15, at the “BMW welcomes DTM” event at BMW Welt in Munich.

The roll-out of the DTM is a significant achievement for the automaker and highlights its progress in the development of this racer. A full test-program of this car is expected to begin in Aschheim soon. After successful completion of a series of tests, this car will be handed over to the three teams of BMW that will participate in the 2012 DTM: the BMW Team Schnitzer, BMW Team RBM and the BMW Team RMG.

Commenting on the occasion, Marquardt described this to be a special occasion as another step of the automaker towards the 2012 race. He also suggested that the original racer that will participate in the 2012 will be visually different from the one that has rolled out on Monday. This car along with the concept, which will be unveiled on July 15, is the first impression of the 2012 racer according to Marquardt.

via BMWBlog

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