Discover the All New Range Rover Sport

| May 27, 2013 at 6:12 pm
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Discover the All New Range Rover Sport

We bring to you the latest news on the new Range Rover Sport, which is introduced by its makers as “the fastest, most agile, most responsive Land Rover ever”, with “a huge breadth of ability”. The all-new Range Rover Sport is built on the same PLA aluminum platform as that of the new Range Rover. It has around 75 per cent of the components when calculated by part numbers different from that of the flagship car. As per the engineers this is because “no expense was spared” on redesigning the suspension system as well as lowering the car in order to create an SUV which comprises of class-leading handling.

The Sport structure also consists of a third row of seats, which is a layout which Land Rover refers to as 5+2, in which a pair of seats would be fitted into the boot and can be electrically retracted with very less intrusion on the load space. Lot of work seems to have been done on the rear stop light, fitting the hinges as well as rear wiper mechanism into the upper part of the tailgate at the same time retaining the headroom for the rear occupants. As per Land Rover, there is 910mm of headroom in the very rear of the Sport, which is more compared to a Mercedes E-class. Black 21-inch alloy wheels are also included.

Although Range Rover Sport is completely hard core, as per Land Rover it still sustains class-leading refinement, when it comes to low-speed road noise on a coarse surface as well as motorway-speed wind noise. In terms of luxury, Land Rover has endowed it with a head-up display which is very wide-angle rear parking radar and an “industry-first” wading depth sensor, which makes use of sensors in the mirrors in order to indicate the depth of the water when wading. Indeed, the Sport has a wading depth of 850mm, which is a level just under the door handles.

via Autocar

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