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| January 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm
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The Ford Fusion Hybrid is by far one of the best hybrids to reckon with in the market today. The car, specifically designed for U.S. roads boasts of an impressive interior with a softer feel, along with a fresher and a bit more aggressive looking exterior to keep up with the trend. It also has a sufficiently spaced trunk, a swiss SmartGuage LCD screen and widgets to evoke envy. This hybrid sedan is neatly priced at $27,270 and is spacious enough to carry 5 people.


One of the 3 finalists in the race for the North American Car of the Year to be announced early next week, the Ford Hybrid is hailed as the Car of the Year 2010 by Motor Trend magazine. A test drive indicates a spectacular mileage low on noise, vibration and harshness; Ford is likely to be a better choice over the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With the introduction of the new six-speed transmissions, Ford offers a wider gear span and a 4 percent fuel efficiency improvement over its 2009 model.

The philosophy behind Ford engineering is saving every joule of energy for fuel efficiency translating into savings for consumers at the gas stations. As a reward, it “grows” leaves and vines on the screen for customers who go the extra mile in fuel savings. The theme of the year is fuel economy and prevention of energy waste besides lowering carbon emissions. Noting that, Ford Fusion hybrid’s arrival in the market is very perfectly timed. Already a show stealer at the LA Auto Show, it is indeed a car to look out for this year.

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