Jeep to Introduce Mid-sized Pick up Truck in 2015

| August 15, 2012 at 4:21 pm
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Jeep to Introduce Mid-sized Pick up Truck in 2015

It seems Jeep is going to launch a mid-size pickup truck in 2015 to compete with its major rivals such as General Motors, Toyota and Ford. The project is still on discussions and has to get green signal for production. Only after that it will even decide about the shape of the yet to be finalized pick up. One of the options is offering a pickup version of the next-generation Wrangler, developing a truck like the Gladiator concept that was introduced at the 2005 Detroit Motor Show.

Hopefully, the model will become a hit among the enthusiasts, but the automaker’s top brass are anxious that the model will have a limited off-road capacity due to its increased length. The second option is that the new pick up should entirely be built in a new platform, which may give a new look. If it happens, the new pick up will not have any resemblance to the Wrangler other than the automaker’s trademark seven-slot grille.

“One of the issues is that when you go four doors with a bed is that your break-over angle gets destroyed. We can still maintain approach and departure angles, but when we get to a certain length, the break-over becomes an issue. Then is it really a Wrangler?” explained the president of Jeep — Mike Manley when asked about the new pick up. According to him, the new generation of platforms is versatile and it would be useful in the near future. Jeep still has to decide whether it should launch a pickup in the next couple of months.

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