Land Rover Defender to End Production

| October 8, 2013 at 7:23 pm
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Land Rover Defender to End Production

Land Rover which is regarded as world’s longest-serving vehicle, is about to end production of its iconic Defender following an unequalled run of 67 years.“Production of the iconic and globally recognized Land Rover Defender will cease in December 2015,” Jaguar Land Rover told. The last of the vehicles, which have bestowed decades of service to, among others farmers and safari guides, will roll off the production line in December 2015. The development of Land Rover took place in the shadow of World War II. It was a result of the inspiration of the American Jeeps that had flooded Europe.

The Series I, which saw its launch in April 1948, came in various shades of military green even though the intention of the designer Maurice Wilkes was not just to be exclusively driven for men in uniform. No other vehicles have got the prestige of enjoying a life as long or as full as the Land Rover. Land Rovers have always been developed in the same Solihull factory. But it has seen lot of improvisations eventually. In present times, it is seen with air-conditioning where it once had two big flaps below the windscreen. A windscreen that used to fold, however it now no longer does, still has two big billets holding it in place where the hinges once sat.

The news of the end of Defender has been heard before too however this time it’s for real. The sales of the same have been a consistent 18,000 a year, but in this world of connected, hybrid cars, the Defender just no longer fits. The Defender has as fallen prey to the tougher environmental and emissions laws across the world and any successor will have to be radically different from its predecessors. The future will see another car and it will wear the Defender name. A prototype successor was unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show.

via The telegraph

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