New York Times Reviewer Gets Back At the Allegations of Tesla Boss

| February 17, 2013 at 4:22 pm
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New York Times Reviewer Gets Back At the Allegations of Tesla Boss

The New York Times reporter John Broder on Thursday posted a point-by-point refutation of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s sarcastic, data-driven critique of Broder’s recent negative Times review of the Tesla Model S electric car after a below par test drive. Broder claimed the Model S did not perform at the level Tesla had guaranteed him it would through his test drive in cold conditions on a route taking him between Tesla’s new East Coast Supercharger stations. According to Broder, the car lost noteworthy battery power overnight in Norwich, Conn., experienced declining range from the outset, and eventually shut down from loss of power before arriving at its final destination.

Musk had got back at him on Twitter calling Broder’s story “fake”. That blog post also included Tesla’s own data about Broder’s Model S test drive taken from the car. As per Musk, Broder’s story and the Tesla data didn’t crack, and he accused Broder of driving in circles near Tesla’s Milford, Conn. Supercharger station in an effort to completely depower the car. On Thursday, Broder in his denial took on Musk’s claims. He said that Tesla reps had been informed of the Manhattan detour, which didn’t go through downtown and only added two miles to the overall trip.

The reporter explained that, driving around in circles at the Milford Supercharger was simply due to an inability to find the charging station in the dark rather than an effort to run the battery down. Meanwhile, Tesla’s data in reality confirmed that he had turned down the heat sharply in the Model S, Broder argued, and besides, he had never stated precisely when on the trip he did that. As for disagreements between Tesla’s data and Broder’s reported speeds while on cruise control at certain points of his trip is explained as “the result of the car being delivered with 19-inch wheels and all-season tires, not the specified 21-inch wheels and summer tires,” the reporter offered.

via SF gate

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  1. Fred February 17, 2013

    John Broder is full of crap.

  2. Alex February 18, 2013

    National Geographic HD – Tesla Model S :

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