Nissan Altima Joins NYC Taxi Fleet

| July 24, 2011 at 11:00 am

Pictures: Nissan-Altima

Nissan’s North American division revealed today that its US-built Altima has obtained the approval for being used in New York City’s taxi cab fleet. TLC officials have given the approval to include the non-hybrid-electric version of the Altima to the fleet, in addition to the HEV’s that are currently in use.

Post the announcement of Nissan NV200’s selection, Nissan has worked in collaboration with the City to confirm design specifications for the new taxi. The company has also begun preliminary vehicle engineering and production planning, as well as baseline testing, with the aim of building a vehicle that will specifically be tuned for the city’s streets. Nissan will also work with the City and taxi owners to study the use of zer-emission electric vehicles. For that purpose, in 2012 the company will provide up to six 100-percent electric Nissan Leafs to taxi owners as well as the charging stations to support their use.

This announcement regarding the approval for Nissan Altima in New York City’s taxi fleet is the latest TLC announcement concerning Nissan. Back in May, Nissan was selected as the exclusive provider of the city’s next-generation ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’, which will begin operations in 2013. Currently, Nissan has about 306 hybrid-electric Altima units in use in New York City’s taxi cab fleet.

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