No LED Tail Lamps for North American Camaro — Says GM

| February 28, 2012 at 12:49 am
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Recently, a poll was conducted on whether the car aficionados prefer the modernized European market 2012 Chevrolet Camaro version with its LED taillights to the original model. A mail has been sent to the General Motors asking whether the firm had any plans to apply some or all of the upgrades to the North American version of the new car. As a reply to the mail, a spokesperson in Chevrolet spokesperson revealed that the automaker has no such plans now. He added that a considerable amount of changes have been made to the European Camaro in order to meet local regulations. However, the changes were made only in Euro Camaro.

There are some minor changes between North American Camaro and cars for export markets. Often, there are even variations between markets, to meet regional requirements. And, no, these changes will not be integrated into the U.S. Camaro,” he said. According to the spokesman, no changes have been made to the coupes in the United States. However, all the changes made to the Euro Camaro have been spotted.

There are some specifications to sell the new Camaro in Europe as it only sells the V8 models which contain leather interior. The coupe features Euro beam front HID Headlamps with levelers and washers along with LED rear lamps to house the specific Euro regulations for amber rear turns and rear fog lamps.

Other specific changes in the car include a larger folding outside rearview mirrors with integral side repeater lamps. The front and rear tow hooks provisions in fascias. Apart from these, the car holds specific emissions and transmission calibrations and specific suspension tuning on the convertible models for Euro roads. There is a specific and inbuilt radio with Traffic Assist feature and European frequencies and a metric Speedometer. Also there is a large front license plate bracket.

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