Pontiac G8 to enter North American market as Chevrolet?

| November 23, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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The sports sedan from Pontiac that packs in a rear drive and V8 power was killed when GM pulled the plug on its Excitement Division which was a part of its post-bankruptcy rationalization.

Now, according to Drive, three GM sources have revealed that a rear wheel drive sports sedan with a V8 engine, the Pontiac G8, is making a comeback as a Chevrolet. It hasn’t been given a name yet, and would come from Holden Commodore which is an Australian GM subsidiary.  However, it is expected to be launched before the current models lifespan ends.

At last week’s LA Auto Show, Al Oppenheiser, a senior engineer at GM and the chief engineer on the Camaro project spoke to Drive about the ongoing negotiations for the Commodore to be sold as Chevrolet in North America.

“Although we have made no official announcement as yet, we are definitely looking at doing something with Holden for the retail market. What we are looking at is bridging a gap in the performance sedan market that was vacated by the Pontiac G8. With no Pontiac, the obvious performance brand is Chevrolet,” said Oppenheiser.

Moreover, an anonymous source from GM supposedly revealed that the deal has been finalized. On the other hand, Jonathan Rose, a spokesman for Holden, is less optimistic: “At this point in time our focus is on exporting the Caprice to North America as a law enforcement vehicle … beyond that we don’t have anything to add right now.

This unnamed Chevrolet could possibly hit roads on short wheelbase Zeta platform and not long wheelbase.

via carscoop

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