Porsche Mystery Sketch hints at a new Porsche GT

| June 21, 2010 at 9:36 pm

What does this mysterious sketch portray? A new concept for Porsche? Revamping of Panamera Coupe 928? Or maybe the Panamera GT?  What do you say? While pundits are now busy referring their bibles to find a right answer, Porsche is tight-lipped – busy gauging competitors’ reactions.

The sketch can be viewed at the opening screen of Porsche Consulting. We can only guess as to why it is being kept there; however, auto enthusiasts are finding it a great inspiration for their imagination; an imagination that gives birth to so many new cars even before the car makes can conceptualization!

Some say, the Porsche Consulting website sketch is the exact answer people were searching for to find an appropriate successor of the Porsche 928. It took almost 3 years for a potential successor of the Porsche 928 to appear, said an auto expert.

If you look the sketch carefully, you will find that the sketch seems to be pointing to a Panamera-styled three-door GT. Isn’t it? I guess so. May be the sketch does not represent anything at all! But, it would be nice to get a car designed after the sketch. What do you say? Let’s hope the sketch will soon be padded out.

via: porscheconsulting

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