Suzuki to Debut Two Kizashi-Based Concepts at 2011 New York Auto Show

| April 6, 2011 at 1:44 pm

2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) has stated that it will premiere two concept cars based on the Kizashi platform at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. In fact, the concepts will feature two new “advanced propulsion options” and will be part of the company’s global “Advanced Propulsion” theme.

“The first concept will feature a stylish and socially-conscious sedan propelled by a newly-developed advanced powertrain. The second reveal will be a wildly-schemed and amped up homage to Suzuki‘s motorcycle heritage.” stated Suzuki.

Though the company refrained from going into the specifics, there are chances that the first concept will be a hybrid variant of the Suzuki Kizashi. To back this speculation is the statement that Suzuki officials had made when the sedan was presented in 2009. On the occasion they stated that the company intends to add a fuel efficient hybrid variant to the lineup “in the very near future”.

Meanwhile, the second concept is expected to be a custom tuned model that will imbibe several styling features from the company’s motorcycle division.

Incidentally, the two Suzuki Kizashi concepts will premiere at New York along with 55 other new vehicles that include 35 world and 20 North American premieres.

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  1. Jake_tc April 6, 2011

    Suzuki needs to pay more attention to the general public about what they want, for example, a Kizashi with awd in a manual transmission to start off with. They should seriously consider dumping the CVT auto and switching to a DSG transmission with a a DIRECT INJECTED version of their current 4-cyl engine and mated to a turbo charger. That would give them the horsepower they need for Kizashi plus it would improve the MPG’s a bit too.
    Kizashi is a good platform but people want choices such as AWD with a Manual transmission, and a turbo model. There is no reason to bring in a hybrid when your regular gasoline version could use so much improvement in MPG’s way before you start talking about hybrids.
    Also no one is going to care about a Kizashi with a paint job that resembles a motorcycle or that has motorcyle bars instead of a steering wheel. Suzuki did a concept like that on the SX4 too.. and guess what? IT DIDN’T RESULT IN ANYTHING!!!!! Just another stupid concept which didn’t change anything about the actual SX4 that people could buy. Suzuki stop waisting your time on silly concepts that never reach production and instead start PAYING ATTENTION to what people are actually asking you for! Then maybe you would start actually selling some cars.

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