Upcoming Nissan LEAF to Sport Sleeker Look & Lower Price

| April 13, 2012 at 9:17 am
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Upcoming Nissan LEAF to Sport Sleeker Look & Lower Price

Nissan is currently on discussions to provide the next-generation Nissan LEAF electric-car with a brand new look, while also lowering existing prices. Colin Lawther, vice president of Nissan engineering in Europe explained that the company will probably give the car a more “European” design. Despite the fact that the present LEAF has received various honors including the 2011 European Car of the Year award, the car has also been widely criticized for its awkward design. It is also believed that Nissan is looking to enhance the range capabilities and power delivery of the new Nissan LEAF. Currently all the LEAF vehicles are being imported to he U.S. from Japan, however now the Japanese automaker is getting factories ready in both Smyrna, TN and Sunderland, UK to serve the U.S. and European markets, respectively.

By doing so, the costs will be reduced by “about” a third due to lower import taxes and less impact from a strong yen. The prices for the locally produced Nissan Leaf’s have not been decided yet. “We’ll fine tune the car for the European customer from a design point of view,” said Lawther. However, the company is expected to provide better acceleration alongside longer range and brand new appearance. According to the latest rumors, apart from other changes, the U.S. version of the new LEAF is also going to get some more upgrades, including an enhanced heater that provides more miles from the battery pack.

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