Volkswagen Teams Up With Plug And Play to Create Connected Car for the Future

| October 19, 2012 at 3:39 pm
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Volkswagen Teams Up With Plug And Play to Create Connected Car for the Future

The Volkswagen Group of America Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) and Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center are teaming up to launch the Volkswagen ERL Technology Accelerator powered by Plug and Play. The new Silicon Valley-based program is developed to accelerate 10 select startups from various industries in order to help them develop next-generation technologies that can be executed in the automotive sphere. The chosen ones will be given access to numerous investors, companies and mentors in the Plug and Play’s network, along with office space and other support. Currently the program is accepting applications from technology startups in various field which includes social media/recommendation engines, parking apps, vehicle related mobile device integration, detection apps, voice/sound recognition, display/data integration, and visual computing.

Peter Oel, executive director of the VW Group’s electronics research laboratory, said in a statement, “Innovation is an integral part of Volkswagen Group’s long-term product strategy and we take every opportunity to engage the brightest minds in technology to help define the future direction of automobiles.” The main reason why automakers are turning to Silicon Valley for vehicle technologies is due to rising tech-savvy consumers. Having an edge over the other company technologically is very significant to entice the consumers. The location of the Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) is in Belmont, California.

They represent the Group’s applied research and development initiatives in North America. The ERL is working towards developing advanced technology and their aim is to design innovations for future generations of vehicles with the objective of transferring technologies from many industries into the automotive realm. It was established with merely three employs in August of 1998, but today it has developed to become the Volkswagen Group’s largest research facility outside Germany. Currently it employs almost 100 engineers, researchers, social scientists, and product designers. Recently Ford Motor Co. had also set up a research lab in Silicon Valley and VW has operated a research lab in the region for years.

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