Extra Terrestrial Vehicle – ( Kit Cars Chevy Aveo )

Nowadays, as a rule, car companies try to bring out the maximum number of models from a single platform. By doing so they can save the cost of developing a new platform for each model and save on development cost, It also achieve economy of scale by sharing as much as possible between various models. The most common manifestation of this trend is seen in platform technology wherein a company produces as many different models as possible with the same underpinnings, all the while trying to impart different characters.

E-T-V- Chevy-Aveo-1
The same car being offered as a hatchback, sedan and station wagon version under the same badge are one of the most noticeable effects of the platform sharing ideology, but the trick in making this adaptation successful is in providing the vehicles with entirely different character. Paying attention to looks and feel catering to the needs of diverse markets and segments makes noticeable difference. For example, if we dig deep into a Bentley Continental, we will find many bits and pieces from the Volkswagen Phaeton and the Audi A8. The Rolls Royce Phantom shares many parts with the BMW 7 series.

The Chevrolet Aveo is sold in both sedan and hatchback guise under the brand names Aveo 5 and Aveo, with minor differences in their styling. Now, a Florida based custom car creator Mike Vetter has come up with a new body style for the Aveo. However, this new creation breaks all the conventionally accepted norms of body styling; well, at least the ones prevailing in our planet for the time being.

The new creation is quite aptly called the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. The car is styled to look like a space shuttle. In fact, by looking at it, one will never be able to guess this is a car and is meant to be used on the road. The styling is so radical that if you try go to the local supermarket for shopping in this car, people will actually expect Androids to emerge from the car. The wheel wells are completely concealed, the doors open towards the roof, and the entire passenger compartment looks like a mysterious glass house.

Chevy-3The car uses the same chassis and drive train as the Chevrolet Aveo and is offered as a kit car. Mind it, if the Aveo does not feel good enough for you, Mike Vetter can also do similar modifications on a standard issue Porsche Boxter. Sadly though, the looks are not the only part of this car which feels out of the world, the car is being listed in eBay for 86,000 Dollars. Frankly speaking, I cannot imagine anyone paying 86,000 Dollars for something that started in life as an Aveo.

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