How To : Avoid Transmission Problems

The transmission (read “automatic”) is one of the most complicated parts of the vehicle. Its repair often tends to be difficult and expensive. Moreover, automatic transmission issues can be dangerous in some situations. Hence, it becomes necessary to maintain the transmission the right way. If we maintain the transmission well, and take care of it through regular checking, then they can live quite long with no serious problems. It is easy to avoid problems to automatic transmission. Periodic checking and routine maintenance is sufficient for it. The real problem arises if you don’t maintain it well, and it starts acting wierd.


To avoid damages first we need to learn how the transmission can get damaged. Overheating is one key reason for the transmission problems. On situations like towing a heavy trailer, continuous stop-go traffic in a hot climate, the transmission overheats. Transmission fluid will burn at high temperatures, losing its lubricating qualities and it oxidizes leaving deposits all over inside the transmission. The metal warps inside will lose strength and lead to subsequent break down of the transmission. There are various other factors that can cause transmission breakdown- poor design, lack of service, rough driving, and too low or high transmission fluid level or improper type of transmission fluid type.

How to prevent transmission problems

  • Vehicle parts and performance cannot be expected to remain the same, if they are not properly maintained. Fluids and filters should be changed and checked on a regularly. Keep in mind that preventive maintenance is always the better option.
  • Have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic every month. Your trusted mechanic is likely going to discover if you are going to have a serious problem. This will be the opportunity to reduce or prevent the projected damage and expenses.
  • Check the transmission fluid level and health every now and then. This can be checked by observing the dipstick. If the transmission becomes low frequently, there is a leak inside that needs to be fixed.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in your user’s manual and use the same fluid recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Be careful while drive. Most of the problems in transmission problems are due to the driving habits. Towing excessive weights could also break the transmission system.
  • Never move from the Parking mode while engine rpm is higher than normal.
  • Always keep brakes down while shifting from Parking.
  • See the vehicle as a reliable partner and learn to respect it. If we keep it properly and provide all that it needs, it won’t fail when we need it the most.
  • Another important point is to be sensitive to our car. Be sensitive to your car. Although your vehicle cannot express through talking, it has its own way of telling you things which me must learn to understand. Pay attention to unfamiliar or unusual sounds while moving. Observe for quick thugs or clicks. We must examine our car’s gear reaction when in different-driving speeds and different roads.
  • Always get serviced by an authorized dealer be because they have the real parts and they are mostly trained to service that particular model.
  • Automatic transmission problems never disappear by themselves. When going for the repair, make sure you explain the actual problem so that he understands the fault.

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