Holden to Design Cars for China Based on Global GM Platforms

| April 16, 2012 at 3:58 pm
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Holden to Design Cars for China Based on Global GM Platforms

Australian company Holden has signed a long-term deal with General Motors affiliate in China that will see them develop at least two all-new vehicles for the world’s largest automotive market. The center for design and engineering excellence has been  picked  to develop two new cars to be sold in the Chinese market by GM and its partners. This will further strengthen Holden’s position in the GM empire as a center for design and engineering excellence.

Holden has signed an agreement with Shanghai General Motors (SGM) and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) to develop the cars for SGM and its affiliates in the growing Chinese market. The agreement is for a long-term partnership so there could certainly be more development work beyond just these two initial cars. There’s been no mention of the types of cars that will be developed, although it has been confirmed that they will be underpinned by global GM platforms. Holden designers and engineers working on the program will be based in Holden’s Technical Center in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Holden has already helped in the development of several global models for GM including the Cruze Hatchback, Chevrolet Camaro and the automaker’s own Commodore sedan, which was formerly sold in the U.S as a Pontiac G8 and is presently known as the Chevrolet Caprice police car. The Holden Commodore sedan will return to U.S. shores badged as a Chevrolet. Going by the Chinese market’s fondness for large sedans we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the cars developed by Holden for China is also based on the Commodore.

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