Mitsubishi to Discontinue Eclipse and Endeavor Crossover, Production to Halt In August

| April 26, 2011 at 9:13 am
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There were rumours in the automobile market about Mitsubishi discontinuing some of their most popular models. Confirming these rumours Mitsubishi North America CEO Yoichi Yokozawa has announced that the Eclipse coupe, Eclipse Spyder and Endeavor crossover models will be discontinued and production of these models in Mitsubishi’s Normal Illinois facility will be ceased from August.

The Eclipse was one of the most popular models of Mitsubishi and made a significant impact in the market during its lifetime. But due to decreasing popularity and shifting production plans, the Japanese automaker has decided to discontinue this model. A special edition of both the coupe and Spyder models will be launched to mark the exit of this model.

This announcement indicates the Japanese car manufacturer’s desire to produce global platform vehicles instead of American-made portfolio vehicles in their plants in the U.S. The Illinois production facility will be retooled to build the Outlander Sport from next year. The automaker plans to upgrade the current capacity of the plant from 20,000 vehicles to 50,000 vehicles annually. Also half of the vehicles produced will be exported by the manufacturer.

The CEO also announced that this move will not hurt the dealers as there is adequate supply of the cancelled models. According to reports of Automotive News Data Centre, on April 1st Mitsubishi had more than 180 days’ worth of supply of the Eclipse model and around 23 day supply of the Endeavor model.

Although this signifies the end of two popular models, the fate of another model, Galant is yet to be decided by Mitsubishi and will continue to be in production until further decision.

via AutoWeek

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